Friday, August 5, 2016

Challenge to Myself - Graphic 45 Mon Amour Paper

The other day I was admiring my beautiful Graphic 45 Mon Amour paper and thinking about a wedding card I wanted to create for my niece's upcoming wedding.  Once I had the idea for the card (Theresa - if you are reading this, don't do any further!), I put it together and mulled over all the pieces that were left.  Normally I would just store it away, but this time I decided I would challenge myself to see how many cards I could create with the paper I had in this line.  I think I had about 6 or 7 sheets and I ended up with 15 cards!

I thought I would share these cards with you to show you that you can add stamps, embellishments, etc. and create a large variety.  I needed birthday, sympathy, wedding and general cards.  The first one I made was a pop up card:

Then some wedding cards:

These could be an anniversary cards too!
Sympathy cards

Birthday Cards

I have posted 12 cards here.  I actually made another three as well, but had to send them off before I had the chance to photograph them.  Fifteen cards from 6 or 7 sheets of paper!  I am pleased!

Thanks Graphic 45 for creating such beautiful paper!


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